Artistic boat tour Nic Jonk

Artist Nic Jonk was born in Schermerhorn and lived and worked a large part of his life in Grootschermer. This year marks the 25th anniversary of his death, which is why there will be a Nic Jonk boat trip between these villages from May to September. The initiative for the cruise, exclusively for groups, comes from Het Kleinste Huisje van Schermerhorn and the Raadhuis van Grootschermer. The three-hour educational trip takes you from Schermerhorn to Grootschermer vv. and passes by Museum and Sculpture Garden Nic Jonk.

More information

You can book this tour as a group via The costs are € 10,00 per person with a minimum participation of 10 persons (less is also possible, but the price remains € 100,00). After the cruise a visit to the sculpture garden is possible.